Monday, June 23, 2014

Why Are REIAs, Real Estate Investor Association So Important to Your Success as Investor? Written by: Jenn Burns

If you are an investor of any kind, it is vital that you stay up to date with everything that happens around the globe and your place of residence (country or locality). This, especially with the real estate investment, will help you in dealing with challenges such as competition, insecurity, or derailing economic conditions among others. If you are a real estate investor, one way of ensuring that you keep abreast with everything that happens around you is by joining REIA.

What is REIA?

REIA stands for Real Estate Investment Association. It is a group developed for the purpose of progressing education and networking gain of its members. The members meet on a regular basis throughout the country and hold their meeting usually in the evenings on a monthly basis. Guests are allowed to attend their first meeting free of charge or pay afterwards a meeting charge.

Nevertheless, membership is encouraged due to the fact that these organizations are mainly funded through membership. Regardless of whether you are a seasoned or new investor, it is important that you register for membership at your at your local association. 

What are the benefits of being a member of the REIA?

Through the meeting, you get to learn a lot of real estate investing information that is of great value. You get to meet people who have been in the industry for quite some time or who have made it big in the industry and learn from them. These clubs and associations invite local and national speakers and experts to educate their members novel and innovative methods that when implemented, will bring success.
It also presents you with an opportunity and arena to assemble your dream team through networking, something that is priceless. According to a local saying, it is not the kind of person you are, but the people you know or identify with that makes you successful. These meetings present you with an opportunity to meet people you never dreamt of meeting at an affordable price and open your eyes to greater real estate investment ideas.

Individually, you get benefit from meeting both seasoned and new investors. As a new member and investor, REIA presents you with an opportunity to learn from and work for veteran investors, find deals, and get paid whilst learning. In short, you get to learn about the business and make money without risking your money or credit.

At the investor meetings, there are resource tables where every member brings his/her business card and flier. This way you get to know one another and promote various recourses such as a Real Estate Attorney, Investor’s Mortgage Loan Officers, Investor Real Estate Agent, and Real Estate Minded Accountants, CPAs, Contractors, Property Managers, Wholesalers, and Title Companies.

This way, a real estate business merchant with services or products for investors in real estate looking for repeat business will be able to network or connect at their local Real Estate Investment Association to meet potential clients.

How to find a successful REIA

It is vital that you find a Real Estate Investor Association that will help you be successful. However, for that to happen, the association or club also needs to be successful. Here are factors to consider when looking for such a club or association:
·         The board members or owners ought to be investing in the real estate market that the club is situated. The majority of successful REIAs has proficient real estate owners or board members.
·         They usually offer a good blend of national and local expert speakers. The speakers also need to give great value. Deliver more than promised.
·         The club holds meetings regularly, at least once a month. Most successful groups hold their meetings more than once a month.
·         The club needs to a have a strong online presence, and provide information and resources that its members can access, such as forms, upcoming event calendar, list containing real estate terms and their meanings, and seminars.
·         Memberships need to include benefits, such as forms disks and access to live recordings of speakers.
·         The club should also be able to provide you with an opportunity to associate with like minded individuals.
·        Lastly, the local REIA should be a member of the National Association in order for the club to obtain coaching and advice.
Real Estate Investors Club Michigan is one such local club or association with attributes mentioned above and where you can be certain of getting more than you bargained for by joining. They hold their meetings on the 2nd Tuesday every month. Do not waste any more time than you have already. Join them while you still have the opportunity.

Your Free REIA in Michigan:

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